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Welcome to visit Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.Website!

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Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

A professional modern company in
R&D,Production, Sale and Service.


Hot Products:DADMAC/DMDAAC PolyDADMAC Formaldehyde-free fixing agent Polyamine Polyquaternium-6......

About us

Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech company which mainly deals in Water soluble polymer chemicals, Textile&printing chemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Cosmetic chemicals, Pesticide chemicals, Paper making chemicals, Leather chemicals and Oilfield chemicals.Xinhaitian was
found in 1994 and have already become a modern professional enterprise of R&D, production,sale and service.We have passed ISO9001:2015
quality system、ISO14002:2005 environment management system authentication and OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health
and safety management system authentication authentication and environment management system certification.We are
located at Taoyan, which is in the east of famous historical and cultural city— Shaoxing City,
China.We enjoy good location and convenient transportationfor adjoining to
the No.329 high way, only 10 km to Huhangyong high expressand
22.5 km to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport...

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Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
Mobile:+86-159 2580 5416
Tax: +86-575-88731780
Email: elainexu_zjxht@163.com?
Add: Second Stage Industry Concentration Park,Taoyan town, Shaoxing, China
Url: www.trholme.com